CVHS Earth Team Reflects on Year in Webinar

The team co-hosted an end of year webinar with other Earth Teams

Castro Valley High’s Earth Team proudly reflected on their year of hard work this past Saturday at a webinar the team co-hosted with San Lorenzo and Arroyo High Earth Teams. The seminar was open to project partners and community members, who congratulated the team on an impressive year. 

The webinar saw all three of the schools outline their accomplishments this year, giving the Castro Valley team an opportunity to hear what the other teams have been up to. Each team spoke for about 20 minutes and answered audience questions after. 

A screenshot from the webinar.

The team alternated who spoke, giving each voice a chance to be heard, and highlighted their achievements in restoration, community outreach, and litter clean ups. Several of the interns also reflected on the outdoor trips they were able to attend through Earth Tean. 

Not fazed by the over 40 people attending the webinar, the team did a great job presenting their accomplishments eloquently and professionally. Congratulations to the team on a great presentation and a great year! Thanks to everyone who attended the webinar!

You can view the webinar in full at THIS LINK.

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