Pinole Creek Fish Passage

Earth Day Litter Cleanup at Pinole Creek

In celebration of Earth Day 2021, Earth Team Pinole teamed up with Earth Team Richmond to complete a litter cleanup at Pinole Creek!

This month, Earth Team interns from Pinole Valley High School and Richmond High School went outside to help pick up litter at the Pinole Creek Fish Passage. Interns picked up over 1,085 pieces of litter in and around the creek! Most of the trash they found included plastic debris from food takeout containers and plastic bags. Keeping this section of Pinole Creek clear of litter is important as it is a passage for Steelhead Trout to swim to the upper watershed and lay their eggs.

Check out these pictures from the event:

Earth Team Staff and Interns followed COVID-19 guidelines while meeting in-person. All participants completed a COVID-19 screening questionnaire and wore proper PPE at all times while maintaining a social distance of at least 6 feet.

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