Earth Team Arroyo and Castro Valley Comb Through The Shoreline For Marine Debris

Earth Team Interns from Arroyo and Castro Valley High School spend the morning beautifying the shoreline of debris!

On October 14th, Arroyo and Castro Valley High School met at the Hayward Shoreline to conduct a litter and water quality assessment. During this beautiful and clear morning, Earth Team interns took advantage of the low tide and scoured through all the brush and debris for any washed up trash from the bay!

Interns spent two hours walking the amazing Hayward Shoreline and picking up litter that would end up in our waterways. In addition to collecting trash, interns are also using a litter mapping tool that would count and locate each piece of litter picked up along the shoreline. The data shown below indicates the amount of trash found along the shoreline.

Noted in the image, interns followed the trails of Hayward Shoreline and found a bunch of interesting items, from old plastic jugs to toys in the creek! Interns overall have collected a total of 549 pieces of litter from the Hayward shoreline. The top types of items collected were: glass fragments, hard plastic fragments, paper and lumber, food wrappers, and beverage bottles!

Towards the last hour of the event, a water quality demonstration was conducted by our partner from the Alameda Country Resource Conservation District in the Clean Water Program! Jennifer Trevis conducts these water quality demonstrations to the public to inform how litter affects the water quality!

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