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Earth Team Arroyo and Castro Valley Flex Their STEM Skills at Lake Chabot

During this cold and crisp morning in December, Earth Team interns conducted a litter and water quality assessment at one of the most popular parks in their local community. Lake Chabot is home to many aquatic species and a popular hiking/fishing destination. Interns were trained how to conduct water quality testing during the weekday meetings after school. Using these relevant STEM skills, interns were able to put those to use during this event. Interns will learn how different levels of water quality indicators affect an aquatic ecosystem.

Overall, the Earth Team interns learned valuable STEM skills and usable environmental skills to transfer over in their future career! Here are a couple of quotes from both schools that had a great time during this event.

“I love titrating and using these chemical kits to test for Water Quality in my local lake, It makes me excited to pursue a major in STEM”- Arroyo High School Student

“Learning these skills and using the litter mapping tool is valuable information that we as citizens can do something about in our daily lives. I am happy to be able to make a difference in my community” -Castro Valley High School student

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