Earth Team Arroyo and San Lorenzo Restore A Monarch Habitat at Coyote Hills Regional Park

Interns from Earth Team Arroyo and San Lorenzo spent Saturday restoring a monarch habitat at Coyote Hills. Coyote Hills Regional Park is located in Fremont, CA, near the Dumbarton Bridge. This regional park has fantastic views from atop the hills and has many recreational trails for all skill levels. Earth Team partnered with East Bay Regional Parks District staff to educate interns about the native plants on the hills. The site is on the slope of one of the hills and is seen with plant cages surrounding native plants. Our guides, Kristen, James, and Aimee, educated our interns on what plants grow in the cages. The interns’ primary restoration work on this site was to pull and clear the cages full of weeds. The interns could not wait to get their hands dirty!

Earth Team interns worked hard on this warm day and cleared a large portion of the hillside in four hours! This restoration site was entertaining and exciting because of the monarchs that would fly by. Special thanks to Kristen, James, and Aimee for leading the interns up the steep hill to see the views from atop. Lastly. The interns were well rewarded with some cool drinks and pizza afterward!

Special thanks to ACRCD and EBRPD for assisting with this event!

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