Earth Team Brings Life Back to the Pinole Native Plant Garden

Earth Team Pinole teamed up with Friends of Pinole Creek Watershed and Contra Costa Resource Conservation District to install native plants this Fall.

Since May, Pinole interns have been working closely with Friends of Pinole Creek Watershed (FOPCW) to revamp the Native Plant Garden that was installed next to the Pinole Valley Library in 2003. In the Spring, we worked together to sheet mulch the 400 square foot garden in order to keep invasive plants and grasses at bay.

Beginning in September, Pinole interns brainstormed ideas and visions they had for the garden; they envisioned a path for the public to walk on and a colorful array of flowers to enjoy in the Spring. Interns sought advice from botanical experts at the Contra Costa Resource Conservation District (CCRCD) and FOPCW. With their help, interns were able to identify the plants and trees that were still thriving since the first installation of plants over a decade ago. After mapping out a garden layout and researching native plants, the the team reached a consensus on what plants to order and install this for this round of planting.

On Saturday, November 16th, Pinole interns invited community members, school peers, and Earth Team Richmond to help them install over 25 native plants in the garden.

After weeks of researching and planning, their visions for the garden are starting to come to life. Community members can now walk through the area and find over 10 different species of native plants. As the event wrapped up and volunteers headed home, the interns sat around and admired the hard work that had gone into the garden.

After all the tools had been packed up, we noticed a young mother walking hand in hand with her toddler along the path in the garden. “Look, this one’s sticky monkeyflower,” the mother said as she pointed out the plant to her young daughter. The interns were in awe to see community members so quickly enjoying the space they had created.

If you’re ever in the area, stop by the Pinole Valley Library and feel free to check out the garden for yourself! Stay tuned for future events in the garden.

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