Earth Team Castro Valley: Semester in Review

Earth Team Wraps Up Its Activities for the Year in Castro Valley

The semester is coming to a close at Castro Valley High, and the school’s Watershed Action Earth Team interns have a lot to reflect on and even more to plan. The semester was a great success for the team, and they are now prepared to carry the energy into the spring and get even more work done. 

Removing Invasives from MLK Shoreline

As Castro Valley High’s Watershed action team, interns helped remove invasive species from MLK Shoreline, Oyster Bay, and Don Castro Regional Parks in Oakland. They also picked up over 1000 pieces of trash on their campus, preventing it from running off into the bay and the ocean. All the while they were getting trained on water and soil quality testing and planning an anti-litter campaign on their campus which will launch in the spring. 

Gathering soil to test!

The spring semester will bring a continuation of this work and more, as the team ramps up their activities. Stay tuned for more information about their anti-litter campaign on campus, there are a lot of big ideas in the works!

In the field!

All in all, this was a successful first semester at Castro Valley High. Earth Team has done a lot to protect the watersheds of Castro Valley, and had a lot of fun along the way. 

Happy Holidays!

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