Earth Team Interns Help The Endangered Least Terns At The Alameda Naval Base

Interns spread their morning wings, so the least terns could have a chance too!

Earth Team interns from Berkeley, Skyline, San Lorenzo, Arroyo, and Castro Valley High Schools brave the elements and help restore a tern colony to help with population. Earth Team interns traveled a ways from their campuses and warm homes to help with the least tern population. Interns participated in many activities that was large amount of work, however the interns pushed through and completed the restoration!

Interns smoothed out the tracks and created an even habitat for least terns to lay their nests! Great job Lucas!

On the right, Brielle is carrying a hefty weight of roof tiles to help place around the whole least tern habitat. Much like herself, many other interns helped position these roof tiles to help protect the terns from predators.

Lastly, interns filled their buckets to the brim to help spread the oyster shells around the area of the tern colony to simulate a more natural habitat. Earth Team interns did a fantastic job at spreading the oyster shells, smoothing out the tracks, and laying down these protective homes for the least terns. With all the effort that these interns have done, we hope to come back and see the terns lay their eggs and nest once they arrive. It is no small feat that the interns have accomplished, especially in the cold windy climate.

A special thank you to our gracious host, Susan Euing from the the United States Fish and Wildlife Service for continuing this partnership with Earth Team and having a meaningful experience for the students!

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