Earth Team Interns Scour The Hayward Shoreline of Washed Up Litter

Earth Team interns comb the shoreline from the storm to pull a huge haul of litter from the area.

On this beautiful Saturday March morning, Earth Team interns from Berkeley, Castro Valley, Skyline, San Lorenzo, and Arroyo collaborated on a huge litter operation at Hayward Shoreline. In the past week, the Bay Area experienced a large weather storm which eventually washed all kinds of trash and litter onto the shoreline. Interns from Berkeley High School led their fellow interns from different schools on OVTA, an Arc-GIS tool that showcases hot spots of trash on the map. Interns split up into even groups that include one student from Berkeley High to lead the effort on the trash clean up. In addition, interns tested the water quality of the Hayward Shoreline since the San Lorenzo Creek flows into the SF Bay with the help of Jennifer Trevis from the Clean Water Program at the Alameda Country Resource Conservation District.

Items found by the interns included large tires, shopping carts, pillows, toys, and much more. It leaves you wondering, how did any of these items even wash onto shore?

Thank you to all the Earth Team interns that spent their Saturday to help clean the shore of all these items pictured above. With the combined effort, interns have collected a total of 1,019 pieces of litters ranging from large items to small fragments of glass/plastic. The interns did a wonderful job for pulling these out of the shoreline and preventing wildlife that inhabits the area from being harmed!

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