Earth Team Launches Program at Castro Valley High

A new program at Castro Valley High os getting underway.

Earth Team has started a new program at Castro Valley High School this year!

Ben McLaughlin, this year’s campus coordinator, interviewed students at Castro Valley High before narrowing candidate decisions down to 14 wonderful, hardworking interns.

This year Earth Team interns at Castro Valley High can expect to work on a variety of environmental and STEM projects focused on Watershed restoration and maintenance. They will be working to make sure the watersheds in their community, namely the San Lorenzo Watershed, are healthy and can support thriving ecosystems. The work they will carry out includes removing harmful invasive species, planting natives, and cleaning up trash the surrounding areas, among other duties as well. They will also be working to restore habitats for endangered species at sites including Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline and the Alameda National Wildlife Refuge. We will collaborate with project partners including East Bay Regional Parks District and the Friends of San Lorenzo Creek to increase community awareness of local environmental challenges.

We look forward to a fun-filled year at Castro Valley!

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