Earth Team Pinole Meets In Person

Pinole interns planted an additional section at the Pinole Native Plant Garden.

In November, Pinole interns were finally able to meet in person after months of virtual meetings. All participants followed state and local COVID-19 guidelines to ensure our gatherings were as safe as possible.

For weeks, the team had been researching and planning for an addition to the Pinole Native Plant Garden. Interns worked together online to decide which native plants they wanted to plant this Fall season. With the help of our partners at Friends of Pinole Creek Watershed and the Contra Costa Resource Conservation District, we were able to bring a new section of the garden to life.

Under two Redwood trees, interns planted a variety of native plants that will hopefully encourage a thriving redwood ecosystem for years to come. Among the plants installed were redwood sorrel, wild ginger, maidenhair fern, thimbleberry, and Douglas iris.

Everyone was grateful for fresh air and the opportunity to spend some time in the garden. Stay tuned for future additions to the garden.

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