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Earth Team Pinole Starts the Year Virtually

Earth Team returns to Pinole Valley High School for its 3rd consecutive year.

A new year of Earth Team’s Sustainable Youth Internship Program is underway for interns at Pinole Valley High School. This year interns are meeting remotely.

Itzel Gomez is excited to be back for her third year as Pinole’s campus coordinator. Amidst the challenges of running a virtual program, Itzel is excited to work with new and repeating interns this school year.

This year Earth Team interns at Pinole can expect to work on a variety of environmental and STEM projects focused on restoring and maintaining healthy watersheds. When it is safe to meet in-person, the team will continue their partnership with Friends of Pinole Creek Watershed, Contra Costa Flood Control District and Contra Costa Resource Conservation District to help restore natural habitats along Pinole Creek.

In the first month of the program, interns have been involved in important discussions about the increasing threats of climate change, wildfires, and marine debris. Several students have even completed their own litter cleanups around Pinole, San Pablo, and Richmond neighborhoods as part of California Coastal Cleanup Month!

The team looks forward to a year filled with learning, fun, and lasting connections.

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