Earth Team returns to Richmond High School!

This year Earth Team interns at Richmond High can expect to work on a variety of environmental and STEM projects focused on climate change & air quality; research and campaigns; community cleanup & outreach and also an exciting exhibit project with Museum of Tomorrow.

Earth Team has returned to Richmond High School this year!

Jessica, this year’s campus coordinator, interviewed students

at Richmond High before narrowing candidate decisions down to 12 wonderful, hardworking interns.

We will collaborate with project partners including BAAQMD; EPA; SITA; Watershed Project and Museum of Tomorrow to increase community awareness of local environmental challenges. Interns will be creating a lot of hands-on projects, exhibits, campaigns to help peers and also city government visualizing & experience the importance of environmental issues. Through the process, interns gain a deeper understanding of the issue and become an expert environmental activist + practitioner.

We look forward to a fun-filled year at Richmond High!

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