Earth Team San Lorenzo, Arroyo, and Castro Valley “Sweep” The Trail of French Broom

Earth Team interns from San Lorenzo, Arroyo, and Castro Valley spend their Saturday morning cleaning and pulling French broom from a popular trail at Don Castro in Castro Valley. Don Castro Regional Park is a very popular park for local residents to relax, walk, fish, and in the summer time, swim in the clear blue lagoon! Not only that, Don Castro offers other recreational activities such as hiking their trails around the lake. Earth Team interns have partnered with East Bay Regional Parks to lend a helping hand in whichever restoration activities that rangers need for a few years now. From picking litter to clearing the trail of French broom, Earth Team interns are eager to continue to keep parks like Don Castro to be loved and enjoyed by all.

As pictured above, these French brooms come in many different shapes and sizes. Some can be as small as small weeds and others may take on the appearance as a tree, but has overgrown for many months. The Earth Team interns are helping this park become not only beautiful, but also safe. French Broom is an invasive species that grows very quickly and proves to be a fire hazard as well. By removing these brooms, the interns are preventing a fire hazard in the park and in the nearby homes.

Special thank you to the rangers from Don Castro for hosting this clean up for us and also thank Jennifer Trevis from the Clean Water Program of the Alameda County Resource Conservation District helping us out as well! It has been a successful yet rewarding experience for all interns from Earth Team!

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