Earth Team’s Guest Speaker from City of Hayward

RHS and CVHS heard Earth Team's Guest Speaker, Taylor Richard from the City of Hayward.

Richmond High and Castro Valley Earth Team Interns were able to hear from Taylor Richard, a Planning Fellow at the City of Hayward!

Taylor talked about the Hayward Shoreline Adaptation Plan and sea-level rise.

Interns from both schools heard about local environmental justice issues associated with sea-level rise, as well as bay area infrastructure, engineering, and nature-based solutions revolved around sea-level rise.

Taylor gave the team great advice about how to get started in their careers and college. She also shared her experience with finding her path.

“Just find something you’re passionate about and get involved in it”

-Taylor Richard, City of Hayward

The teams also had the opportunity to ask Taylor questions about her position at the City of Hayward and what made her interested in the environmental sector.

This is definitely the first of many guest speakers that we’ll have visit us at Earth Team. Thank you so much for dropping by Taylor!!

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