Engaging our classmates

Last week, EarthTeam interns from Pinole Valley High School hosted a litter removal along the stretch of creek adjacent to their high school. It had been raining heavily throughout the prior days, but we were treated to a break in the storm, perfectly timed for the end of the school day, and the beginning of the cleanup.

EarthTeam interns passed out trash bags, gloves, and litter pickers to the students who had heard about the pickup from their classmates during classroom announcements, or over the loud speaker. As they walked down the trail, they picked up the small pieces of litter underneath the creek’s canopy, or along the cyclone fences that separated the trail from their school. These cyclone fences often trap large quantities of litter, and two of the participating students made it their task to remove hundreds of chip bags from one such “litter trap”.


Following the litter pickup, EarthTeam interns led a discussion of the various types of pollution that affects urban streams, such as cigarette butts, dog poop, car washing, and graffiti/spray cans.


A big thanks to all who came out to pickup litter and learn more about the creek!

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