Environmental education through art

Arroyo and San Lorenzo Earth Teams came together to showcase their art projects at the San Lorenzo Library to educate their community.

Arroyo High Earth Team interns showcased their art projects at the San Lorenzo Library on Saturday, March 7th. They were joined by several San Lorenzo High Earth Team interns who also showcased their projects.

An intern explains his watershed art project to a community member

The art show aimed to educate community members about how pollution impacts our watersheds. Interns created art depicting how marine debris impact animal health, how plastic harms our efforts to protect nature and how excess nitrogen and phosphorus from fertilizer run off can impact water quality. One art piece inspired community members to make a change and interns explained how even individual efforts to reduce waste can help improve watershed health.

The art projects on display

The interns explained their art and the important educational messages showcased in their work to nine community members, including a local art teacher and a member of the San Lorenzo school district. Several Earth Team interns from Castro Valley also visited the show to learn from their peers.

Each art piece was inspired by facts about pollution in our watersheds. The interns spoke about how one million sea birds die from consuming plastic each year (Ocean Crusaders), that there will be more trash than fish in the ocean by 2050 if we don’t make a change (Washington Post), and that Arroyo Earth Team has removed 2,287 pieces of litter just since September 2019. Earth Team thanks San Lorenzo Library for hosting this event and hopes to have increased awareness of the impacts of waste on our watershed.

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