Fresh Prince of Earth Team

Castro Valley Air Quality Earth Team is telling our story in a humorous way — by rewriting the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
We noticed that air pollution aggravates asthma, and has impacted our childhood experiences for outdoor play on windy days. We compiled everyone’s personal observation on climate change and came together to create an exhibit called the Enviromobile.
The Enviromobile is meant to capture youths’ attention & to change transportation behaviors in our neighborhood through experiential learning. It tells you how much carbon you emit with the amount of fog you see! And estimates the carbon you can save by switching to carpooling.
This music video is completely directed, filmed and edited by interns (make sure you watch till the end)! Special shoutout to Grace for her dedicated hours for putting all these together and rallying up the team even in the time of a pandemic.
We hope you get a good laugh while learning about this transportation topic!

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