Fun in the Sun at Galindo Creek with Earth Team

Courtesy of Kathy Cutting and Galindo Creek Field Station. As well as Manuel from Earth Team for transporting all the interns to the weekend event 🙂

This past weekend Earth Team Interns from Antioch High School and Independence High School ventured to Galindo Creek in Concord, California. Thanks to Kathy Cutting from Cal State East Bay, managing the Galindo Creek Field Station, the interns were able to walk along the creek and observe various outcomes from the storm in regards to the creek diverging as well as the effect on the tree seedlings. The students also participated in a litter clean up and ended up collecting close to 50 pieces of trash including a broken rake in the middle of the creek!

Students work to remove weeds from around the seedlings to clear the area for water to reach the plants directly. Some of the seedlings survived the most recent storm and students even saw some red tail hawks circling the area!

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