Gardening at Bridgeview Trail

Skyline interns make improvements to the garden in Diamond Park

Interns volunteered with Friends of Sausal Creek to help plant, weed, and mulch at the Pollinator Garden in Diamond Park. Gardening native plants support the wildlife near the Sausal Creek watershed and bridges the connection between the environment and park visitors. The goal of the garden restoration project is to enhance the park experience with creek access and colorful native plants, create a place for monitoring and biological educational programs, and encourage new gardeners to help restore the ecosystem and plant locally.

Intern Kiki at Bridgeview Trail clearing weeds from the garden

The pollinator garden is located at the entrance of the Bridgeview Trail. The trail experiences heavy foot traffic, which has made the garden a main attraction visitors. It is hard for visitors of the park to distinguish the boundary line of the garden and the trail which has become harmful to the native plants. On Sunday morning interns helped develop a boundary line for the garden with large rocks that were found on the site. Prior to the garden restoration project there were plans to construct concrete bridges and frees throughout the park. An agreement was made to between government agencies and Friends of Sausal Creek clean up, restore and monitor the creek within the canyon. Interns began clearing the area of weeds to promote the native pollinator plants and the lay down mulch prevent the any new weeds from growing in. The rocks on site were used to create the boundary between the garden and trail. Interns enjoyed the relaxing, therapeutic morning restoring the garden and are eager to volunteer with the Friends of Sausal Creek again!

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