Richmond High School Interns Hard at Work at Wanlass Park

Richmond High School's Earth Team Interns have quite the task for themselves this year; the final stages of creating a new park!


They are working with the City of San Pablo to turn a vacant lot along San Pablo Avenue into the City’s newest Park. Interns from the past 3 years have been planting trees at this site, so this year’s interns have the two-sided job of planting new trees and protecting the ones that already have been planted.


Weeds have exploded around the site after the recent rains, so the interns have to work faster than the weeds can grow in order to protect the trees. They are also able to learn about the species of weeds they pull, many of which are invasive.

The interns have also been hard at work re-staking the trees, which have become damaged in the last few weeks as the stormy winds rocked the park. The interns have been able to help out most of the trees at the park, and are working to help the rest!


With their work cut out for them, the interns continue to work through the issues with a positive attitude. They are eager to plant new trees in addition to the maintenance they are doing, which will be happening at our first tree planting event this Saturday, December 15th. A post will follow after that event with more updates on the park! Happy Trails!


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