Earth Team stands firmly with our communities in condemning the murder of George Floyd by the police in Minneapolis. The official autopsy has confirmed that the manner of his death was homicide. We condemn all forms of violence and demand that our political leaders take concrete actions to end police brutality, racism and systemic injustice. We support the movement to hold the American justice system accountable for the many crimes and atrocities committed against Black individuals in this country. This has to end.

We stand with our student-interns, staff, community members, and partners in the Bay Area to demand this change. We are committed to support our staff and the high school students that participate each year in our internships in developing a just and equitable program that teaches respect and understanding for cultural diversity and helps detect and combat all forms of racism in our thoughts and actions.

As environmental educators, we understand that environmental justice and racial justice are deeply interconnected. Environmental injustice and racism impacts the daily lives and health of our Black and Latinx neighbors here in Richmond and Oakland at disproportionate rates, further perpetuating inequality in our communities. Where you live often determines how healthy you can be. We are firmly dedicated to make environmental justice a central part of our mission, our vision and our values.

As a publicly owned, non-profit organization, Earth Team will continuously re-examine how we serve our communities in just and equitable ways. We will educate our staff and the young people who participate in our programs in celebrating cultural diversity and in putting an end to racism. We will amplify Black voices and we will give Black scientists and leaders, young and old, a strong voice in our programs. We will listen and learn with humility from all the communities of color that we proudly serve.

Black Lives Matter

Signed: The Earth Team Staff and Board of Directors

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