Independence High School Garden Memories

At Independence High School in Brentwood, California, the Earth Team interns have the opportunity to engage in outdoor activities right on their school grounds. Thanks to Mr. Paul Lindeman, the students’ awesome teacher who allows us to use his classroom every week, we were able to complete a number of tasks in the garden this past week. Interns were not only able to learn inside the classroom but also outside the classroom, helping with important roles like weeding, cutting branches from a tree to make room for more growth, and ensuring the stability of the garden as a whole. Check out the Independence Earth Team Interns vibing in the garden.

Heather and Hannah (on the left) cutting the branches from the Garden’s weeping willow, Justin removing weeds (center), and Sasha removing the weeds from the outside sidewalk before entering the garden. You can see her slightly laughing because she keeps finding worms and does not know where to put them!

In addition, we have Grace (on the left) analyzing the plants and deciding between weeds to cut or plants to observe. Heather and Hannah (on the right) are finishing up the branch cutting so they can give the branches to their Art Teacher for an Art project.

Stay tuned for more awesome outdoor fun with the Independence Earth team Interns.

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