Interns Beautify Don Castro Regional Park

Arroyo and Castro Valley interns splash into the creek and remove harmful litter from the San Lorenzo Creek and Don Castro Regional Park

Interns from both Castro Valley and Arroyo participate in another restoration at Don Castro. There have been small rain storms throughout November, and with that the storm washes all the litter down the San Lorenzo creek and into Don Castro. Don Castro is a regional park for recreational activities such as: fishing, hiking, picnicking and swimming in the lagoon during the summer. During these storms litter and broken trees block the flow of the creek and cause flooding at the park. The interns collected litter at the San Lorenzo Creek flowing into Don Castro. The litter location was under the BART track and freeway, in which accumulated a large amount of trash along the waterways.

During this event, Earth Team interns found interesting items discarded near the creek and we are all happy to discard of it properly. One of these interesting items was a discarded hood of a car near the creek. Pictured on the left is Heidi and Ruijia from Arroyo for collecting this large piece of litter from the creekside!

After two hours, our partner from the Clean Water Program at the Alameda Resource Conservation District conducted a water quality demonstration at the creek and compared the water quality of the lagoon and the fishing area. Pictured below is Castro Valley students collecting samples and assisting Jennifer Trevis with the demonstration.

Overall the event was a huge success and collecting a huge volume of trash from the park and creekside. Interns have collected over 600 individual pieces of litter and filling six 50 gallon plastic bags of trash. Pictured below is our haul! Thank you to EBRPD and ACRCD for helping and hosting us for this event!

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