Interns help build planters at Skyline Highschool

Interns and volunteers work to enhance the natural quality on campus

Interns from Skyline showed up and showed out on a misty Sunday morning to help the PTSA Gardening Club restore the garden on campus. The Gardening Club at Skyline Highschool helps manage garden clean ups. They host campus beautification days every month to connect teachers, staff and students with the community. Beautification days enhance the beauty of the campus and up keep the planting, weeding and covering.

Before getting to work on the garden, interns started the morning by meeting PTSA fundraising chairperson Tracy Albert. Tracy discussed the the task for the day, and future goals and plans that the Gardening Club have this year.After interns made connections with members of the PSTA and the Gardening Club over hot tea and Colonial Donuts, they were tasked with helping club overseer Samantha Kober build plant boxes in the garden. The garden is a new restored project for the school. The goal for the garden is to be able to grown vegetables that will be donated to the schools cafeteria or shared with students, teachers and staff. Interns pulled weeds and leveled the dirt in the garden and got interns started building six plant boxes that would be put in the garden area. Interns learned how to measure and drill the plant boxes and staple gopher wiring at the bottom of each plant which proved to be more difficult than anticipated.

Intern Olivia weeding and leveling the garden area (left)

Overall the day was a huge success for the garden. Interns got the chance to meet new people, and learn new hands on skills The experience became a rewarding accomplishment.We look forward to future events to going out and lend a hand to our peers and community!

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