Introducing the 2023-2024 Castro Valley Sustainable Youth Interns!

It is my pleasure to introduce this year’s 2023-2024 Earth Team internship class at Castro Valley High School. All of these students have a great drive to help their community and would like to make a change on any scale!

Hi, my name is Lucas Hanson. I’m a junior at Castro Valley High School, and I’m excited to be a 2023-2024 Earth Team intern! I applied to Earth Team because of my love of nature and my desire to learn more about what I can do for the environment. As an Earth Team intern, I hope to be a part of solving some of the many issues that face our environment, like air and water quality and pollution. I’m looking forward to accomplishing these goals and many more this year, as well as working with my fellow interns!

My name is Ivan and I applied for earth team because I want to become an interior designer with my own environmental engineering company. I’m excited to learn more about greenwashing. I want to abolish greenwashing in an idealistic world however I hope I can hope to make people more aware of it!

Hello I’m Kylie Henrick, I applied to earth team because I’m interested in a environmental leadership based career. I’m excited for my second year in earth team and to build in the prior knowledge I have. I’m excited to learn more about air and water quality testing.

Hi! My name is Gelila and I applied to earth team because I was looking for a way to give back to my environment and community so it was a perfect opportunity This school year I’m most excited for prom or graduation! One topic that I would like to solve or help decrease would be the amount of trash and litter!

My name is Genevieve Onorad and I am a junior at CVHS. I applied for Earth Team this year because I did it last year and was so happy with the experiences, friendships, and new information I got from it. The clean-ups and work that we do help me do my part in helping the environment and educating others on environmental issues and topics. I am so excited to participate in our camping and hiking trips this year and to get to know my fellow interns. Regarding environmental issues, I am most passionate about ocean acidification and pollution in our oceans. I’d love to learn more about it and do what I can to make a positive impact.

Hello I’m Sophia Chan! I’m a Junior at Castro Valley High School and I’m excited to do Earth Team again! Environmental awareness has been one of my main interests ever since I’ve learned about it in middle school. When I found out about this internship, I was so excited to be doing something I care about professionally. I’m thrilled to be doing this for another year and learn more about other environmental topics. I would love to help contribute to a better waste management system in our community. At CVHS, I’m the Vice President of the Smart environment club. In my free time I love to garden, paint, and bake (although I’m not the best at it). I hope to make happy lasting memories this year!

Hi, my name is Jillian and I am a part of earthteam at Castro Valley High School!
I applied for earthteam to give back to my community and meet new people. Something im looking forward to is getting to spread awareness about environmental issues to everyone in my community. At my high school, I am part of the TUPE club, which stands for tobacco use prevention education. I am also on the varsity cheerleading team at Castro Valley High School, and I love it because I love having school spirit and supporting our teams! I’m sure this year will be a fun one, and i’m looking forward to make so many new and fun memories with my peers!

Hi my name is Olga and I’m one of the new interns at CVHS. I applied for Earth Team because I was interested in helping out ecologically within my community, and I wanted to do it with a group to build my networking skills! I’m most excited about trips outside my school on projects that we will be working on. Some of the environmental topics that I would like to take a helping hand towards is the water issues around the world as well as just beautifying our community. Helping the world environmentally has been a desire of mine for a while and I think that this is a great place to start!

Hey I am Alexa Piscil! I am a current senior at Castro Valley High School. I have been an active environmental activist ever since I learned about waste systems in elementary school and decided to make a change in middle school and high school. I love to especially learn about reducing waste, renewable energy, native flora and fauna, and impacts on ecosystems due to climate change. I love nature, art, animation, reading, and music, especially indie artists. This year is my third year in Earth Team and I am happy to be involved in resolving environmental issues in my community!

Hello! My name is Angel Chen and this is my third year of being an EarthTeam intern! I’m so excited to be a part of this program again this year and I can’t wait for what it holds! I’m looking forward to more hands-on and restoration work such as measuring water quality, Oyster Bay restoration, ice plant removal, and more! Environmental activism has been something I’ve wanted to be a part of since my freshman year and one of the reasons why I wanted to join EarthTeam. Through this program, I am able to contribute to my community and actively make the Earth greener with the meetings and events we do throughout the year! I can’t wait to go on the BCM camping and backpacking trips again as they were so engaging and fun over the summer! 

My name is Ivonne and I am pretty energetic and a very outdoorsy person. I love to be involved and connected. I have no filter so I will say things straight up either negative or positive which makes me a very reliable person for constructive criticism. My family is from Colombia and I take a lot of pride in my Latina heritage and I’ve created projects and groups to give back to that community.

Hello, My name is Karla! I applied for earth team because I found it very interesting and it related to my future career. This school year I am mostly excited to learn new things from the classes I chose. Some environmental topics I would like to solve is climate change. Including air quality and tips to help out ecosystem!

My name is Angie and I applied for the Earth team because I thought it would be interesting to discuss with others about environmental crisis and it’ll be useful in helping me improve my English speaking skills. I’m most excited for coming up with a solution for an environmental issue that we have today through/in Earth team. Some environmental topics that I like to solve or have a helping hand towards are global warming, litter cleanup, pollution, deforestation and ocean acidification.

Hi, my name is Fleur Joseph and I’m a freshman attending CVHS! In general, nature and the environment has always been something I was interested in, but I especially have a love for flowers and animals. I applied to be on the Earth Team because I wanted to find like-minded people so that together we can make a positive impact on our community.

Hello! I’m Samantha Libed and I’m a junior at Castro Valley high, and this is my first time as a member of ET. I like to draw, crochet and cook in my free time. I applied because I want to protect and preserve nature as a career in the future, and thought this internship would be a good learning opportunity. I also applied because the field events and community projects sounded fun and I would help me be more involved in my community. I hope to make my community more aware of our collective impact on the environment and help improve what energy sources we rely on as a community.

HI, my name is Lily and I applied for Earth Team this school year because I knew it would give me an opportunity to try new things and meet new people. I wanted to make a positive environmental impact in my community aswell. Im most excited to be more social this school year and do more things. Im excited to travel more and go to concerts/shows. I would like to help the climate crisis as it is going to greatly affect the future for all life forms worse then it already has.

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