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Introducing the 2023-2024 Earth Team Arroyo Sustainable Youth Interns!

It is my pleasure to introduce this year’s 2023-2024 Earth Team internship class at Arroyo High School. All of these students have a great drive to help their community and are passionate about beautifying their space on campus and in their neighborhoods!

My name is Elena I applied to earth team because I love adventures in nature and I feel earth team will allow me to do this activity more. I am most excited about learning how to make smart decisions everyday that will improve the environment. Also, environmental topics I would like to have a helping hand toward is native animals population improvement and a decrease in invasive plants. I am excited for this year and to make lots of memories.

My name is Lynnsy and I joined Earth Team for a second year because of all the impactful work we did and the amazing people I met last year. I love being outdoors, and environmental science is something I’ve grown to be really passionate about. I want to help endangered ecosystems and species, and preserve nature for the long term future. Apart from science, I love listening to, teaching, and playing music. I look forward to another fun year in Earth Team!

My name is Ethan and I applied for earth team because my friends said they all really had fun while doing it, and I could use this opportunity to do more service and get fresh air. What I’m most excited for this school year would be making cool sculptures in my ceramics class. An environmental topic that I would like to solve or have a helping hand in would be ocean pollution and restoration, but land restoration is cool too. The ocean and plants are some of my favorite things, so it’d be cool to be more involved with them!

Hi I’m Heidi applied for EarthTeam because I saw as a great opportunity to meet new people while helping out and doing restoration work for my community. I’m most excited to attend our plants that we grew last year at the arroyo garden. Some environmental topics I would like to solve is cleaning up my community and checking/ testing the water qualities.

Hi I’m mia 🙂 This is my first year of earth team. I’m most excited to meet new people and getting to know fellow earth teamers! I’m excited to be an earth teamer and apart of earth team!

Hi I am Wendy Nguyen. This is my second year in earth team. I applied for earth team because I believe in their mission and would love to input myself in the equation to make a change. I am most excited for the the events and building a connection with my team. I am passionate about reducing bad gasses in the atmosphere that lead to global warming because we should do everything we can to make the world my habitable for future generation.

Hi I’m Diana, a senior attending Arroyo High school. I am so excited for what my last year in high school has to bring, hope its full of fun memories and able to meet new amazing people. I applied for Earth Team because last year i had so much fun and got to make friends with such great people, and made so many memories that i’ll cherish forever. Of course i also joined to be able to help my community!

My name’s Eva, this is my first year in the Earth Team. I’m very excited to work with my team and to make changes in my community!

Hi, I’m Arianna and this is my second year at Earth Team. I’m excited to help nearby communities and to decrease amounts of trash. Hopefully we can spread our influence!

Hi my name is Rainzel and I joined earth team to learn more about pollution and ways I can combat it. This year I’m very excited to see a few familiar faces and embark on some adventures during our weekend meetings. I would like to see how trash, like landfill can have alternate ways on handling it compared to burying it underground.

Hi my name is Pemba and I applied because I wanted to be more social and be more than happy to plant more trees and make the spaces in our community greener!

My name is Sophia and I applied for the Earth Team to learn more about environmental issues. I also want to discover different STEM fields related to topics like environmental preservation and protection. I hope to gain more work experience and develop my professional skills, as well as meet new people in my community!

My name is Isabella and I applied for Earth Team because I aim to preserve the beauty of the Bay Area and give back to my community. Not only that, I would like to use this opportunity to hone my leadership skills and partake in more collaborative activities.

I’m most excited to accumulate knowledge on STEM and engineering in AHS so that I can use these skills to work towards a satisfying job that provides for my family. I hope to achieve and exceed greatness this year and for years to come.

Most of all, I’d like to provide a helping hand towards pushing back on CO2 emissions and the production of greenhouse gases. Thus improving the standard of living not only in the Bay Area but globally.

Hi my name is Ayden and I joined Earth Team to overcome my shyness! I want to become more outgoing and to be able to speak out my mind. I want to be the best version of myself by inserting myself into the environment and helping in anyway I can!

Hi my name is Jazmin and this is my second year interning at Earth Team! I initially applied because I wanted to learn more about the Earth and my community through hands on work. I am most excited to see how this year’s internship class are going to work together and the things we can all accomplish! (photos to come!)

My name is Ruijia Gu, I am a senior at Arroyo High. This is my second year with Earth Team, and I am excited to learn more about mitigating the effects of bad air quality this year. I am drawn to this focus because I feel like this is a relevant and current issue that affects our local communities and peoples’ lives immensely. Last year, Earth Team was a meaningful experience to me because I felt like I was part of a community of talented individuals who are passionate about sustainability and social change, like me! When I am not Earth Team-ing, I enjoy hanging out with friends, thrifting, and swimming! (photos to come!)

My name is Masiela and I applied to Earth Team to get more involved in my community and learn more about the environment. I am very passionate about connecting with nature. I love that the activities we do are very hands-on. I am looking forward to working with my friends that I met in Earth Team.

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