Joint Richmond-Kennedy High School Waste Action Leaders Take On Rumrill

The intersection of Rumrill Blvd. and San Pablo Ave. had the chance to finally have a breath of fresh air for the first time in a long while on the 12th of this month; and Richmond / Kennedy interns have to be thanked for that!

2 interns from Richmond H.S. and 1 from Kennedy devoted their Friday afternoon to give Rumrill Blvd. some tender love and care (TLC) by conducting yet another litter assessment.


These aren’t your typical interns; even in the face of disgust, they saw the beautiful and fun. Richmond intern Daphne insisted on making a game out of it. Whoever picked up litter in the most creative way would be crowned the winner!

Team work makes the dream work, and that’s exactly the motto interns had that day. While 2 conducted the litter assessment, the other had the handy dandy Marine Debris Tracker app and was documenting every piece of litter.

“Plastic cup!”


“Food wrapper!”

Types of litter were thrown to garbage bags so often, one would think these interns were baseball players.


As the old adage goes, “less is more”; and those 3 interns are the epitome of that saying: within the span of 2 hours (with the help and guidance of their coordinator) they collected over 8 bags of trash. That’s over 670 pieces of litter! Thanks to Daphne, Brittany, and Fernando to their diligent effort in cleaning up Rumrill!

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