Kayaking, Volleyball on the Beach, and Pizza: What more could you ask for?

This past weekend, students from both Pinole Valley High School and Richmond High School attended a kayaking trip in Santa Cruz. We would like to give a special shoutout to the California Coastal Commission for the Whale Tail Grant which made this trip possible. And thanks to Kayak Connections in Santa Cruz Harbor, students learned how to kayak (some for the first time) and even saw sea lions and seals throughout the adventure. Guides Heather, Gio, and Jessica led the students throughout the harbor and towards the ocean, past boats, marine life, while students learned about the local native and non native or invasive species. Guides explained the Harbor’s history and reiterated the importance of restoration efforts and protecting these marine mammals. From the guides’ and instructors’ perspectives, the students and the parent that joined us had an awesome time. But don’t just take it from me, let’s hear what the students had to say about their time in Santa Cruz!

Maddox, senior “My favorite part was seeing the seals!” Josiah, junior “My favorite part was racing!”

Jeremiah “(My favorite part was) the sea lions!” Ava “I really liked the scenery!” Noah, our Skyline Campus Coordinator “My favorite part was talking like a pirate!”

Heather, our guide “I really liked it when we were in the front and we could see the waves and the harbor mouth. We were looking at kelp but also drifting around with some interesting current and more turbulent water and everyone did an awesome job not going into the rocks or into the boats.”

Stay tuned for more awesome adventures from the Earth Team interns this year!

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