Looking Back on Arroyo’s Year

Reflecting on a memorabe year with Arroyo High School's Earth Team

This year Earth Team Arroyo met almost entirely remotely, but this didn’t stop the team from having a positive impact on their community! Despite the pandemic and the challenges of learning about nature and environmental advocacy from home, the team forged through the year with great interest and determination. Through it all, they forged a bond deeper than their shared love for protecting the environment and through their advocacy and work in their community, Earth Team Arroyo made this difficult year fun and hopeful.

The main focus of this year’s internship was the team’s GLOBE research project. Motivated by their interest in learning about global climate change, the team collected and mined data on the changes in cloud types and humidity in California over time. They then analyzed data to see if they could note any correlations or changes over time. The team presented their research at the Student Research Symposium in May to groups of scientists and researchers.

Beyond research, the interns also focused on cleaning litter in and around San Lorenzo. Some interns participated in an in-person litter cleanup at Hayward Regional Shoreline in April, and other interns picked up litter in their neighborhoods and local parks. The interns researched school district climate action plans and published a short document outlining the needs and motivation for a climate action plan at San Lorenzo Unified School District. The interns also focused on exploring STEM careers and other professionalism workshops.

The team met a total of 47 times between September and June. They removed 2,120 pieces of litter from local open spaces and neighborhoods and collected over 40 cloud observations in the GLOBE Observer App. The team also participated in a litter cleanup at Hayward Shoreline Regional Park, where nine ten-gallon bags of litter were removed. The team’s efforts reached reached over 75 community members. They completed an outreach campaign for their SLZUSD climate action plan proposal which reached an estimated 45 individuals on Instagram. The team also participated in the GLOBE Student Research Symposium, where they presented their research to 10 scientists and several other high schoolers.

We would like to Arroyo High School, especially Cece Adams, for their support this year. Our program would not be possible without partnerships like this one. We also thank the numerous organizations that partner with us for restoration activities and community outreach projects. Finally, we thank our funders: NOAA, CalEPA, Alameda County Resource Conservation District, and Alameda County Fish and Game Commission.

Great job this year, team!

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