Meet Earth Team Antioch

Introducing this year's interns at Antioch High School.

 We’re happy to introduce you to our 2020-2021 team of Sustainable Youth Interns at Antioch High School! Read everyone’s bios below to get to know these passionate individuals.

Chiara Blake
Hi I’m Chiara Blake. I rejoined Earth Team this year because I’ve had such a good experience learning about the environmental aspects of science and how I can positively impact my community. Outside of Earth Team I like to paint and watch movies.

Emma Seeley
Hi I’m Emma! I’m a senior and this is my second year in Earth Team. I joined Earth Team because I wanted to give back to my community. In my spare time, I like to make earrings and watch movies.
Julia Ramos
Hi, I’m Julia! I’m a senior at Antioch High and this is my second year in Earth Team! I joined to make a difference in my community and to enjoy working together while having fun. In my free time I like to read comics
Mariah Eagle
Hi, I’m Mariah I decided to join Earth Team because learning about the environment and ways to protect it have always been an interest of mine. Going out into the field and doing work allows me to learn about different ways that land conservation works. 
Marco Hernandez
Hello my name is Marco Hernandez, a senior at Antioch High School. I joined Earth Team in hopes of better educating myself on the environmental problems happening in the world.
Zachary Howell
Hi I'm Zachary! I joined Earth Team for my first time during my last year of high school. And I hope to learn a lot in Earth Team.
Rodney Wells
I’m in 11th grade and I wanted to join Earth Team again this year because I had the time of my life last year. This year I hope to make some more great friends and learn some new things. I love making the world a better place and this program helps me do that.
Erika Barron
Hello my name is Erika Barron, I am a sophomore at Antioch Highschool. This is my second year joining Earth Team, I decided that I would join again to further expand my knowledge on the earth and environment around me. I also think that this is a good way to connect myself more with the environment. Something I do in my free time is listen to music and make art. 
Isaac Kinney
Hello I am Isaac Kinney, I am 15 years old, I currently just draw when I can and forget to upload it. I am a Sophomore in Antioch Highschool who wants to become an animator, and I hope to animate for shows, games and more. That is my dream in life.
Luna Velasquez
Hi I’m Luna and I am a sophomore at Antioch High School. I joined Earth Team to learn about the various ways I can positively contribute to my community and to be a helping hand in taking care of our beloved environment. Also, I hope to gain new experiences that could help me find where my specific interests lie. For fun, I enjoy reading, listening to music, and playing soccer.

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