Meet Earth Team Castro Valley

Introducing this year's interns at Castro Valley High School.

 We’re happy to introduce you to our 2020-2021 team of Sustainable Youth Interns at Castro Valley High School! Read the team’s bios below to get to know these passionate individuals.

Jaelyn Watson
My name is Jaelyn Watson and I joined Earth Team to become more educated on current environmental issues. I enjoy spending time with friends, painting, and learning about anything math or science related.

Caroline LeVans
Im Caroline LeVans. This is my second year at Earth Team. I love the environment a lot and In the future I want to study Marine Biology to educate others and learn more about climate change’s effect on our oceans. I’ve been a dancer since I was 3 years old, doing several different styles as well as singing and acting. During quarantine my favorite activity has been bingeing Netflix shows and eating, a lot.
Ivan Garcia-Lopez
I'm Ivan Garcia-Lopez, I joined Earth Team to learn about how both our local and global environments interact, and how I can help to fix its problems. I love learning about biology and growing succulents. 
Dominic Ng
My name is Dominic Ng. I'm a returning member of Earthteam and I want to learn more about nature. I enjoy playing video games in my free time.
Orian Gomez
Hi, my name is Orian and I joined earth team a second time because of the friendships I made and the fun experiences I had.
Shyla Lala
Hi! My name is Shyla and I am currently a senior at CVHS. I am 17 years old and my favorite hobbies are gardening, baking, reading, and watching horror movies. This is my second year with Earth Team and I joined because I had a really good experience last year and I like meeting new people as well as learning about ways to help out the environment.
Harshleen Kaur
Hello my name is Harshleen Kaur. This is my second year doing Earth Team and I’m looking forward to doing another amazing year. I’m really interested in learning how to reduce my carbon footprint and encourage more women of color to be involved in S.T.E.M. 

Alina Huang
Hi, my name is Alina and I’m a senior this year at Castro Valley High. I was an intern last year and wanted to rejoin to continue to broaden my knowledge on environmental issues. I’m also a huge animal lover and enjoy baking in my free time. :)
Kaela Higgins
My name is Kaela Higgins. I love taking hikes, going on drives, cross-stitching, and reading. I love environmental science and geology. I have a large collection of rocks. This is my second year in Earth Team, and I joined because I wanted to help support my community and learn all I could about the local ecosystem.

Lawrence Ochea
Hello! My name is Lawrence and I am a sophomore at Castro Valley High School. I joined Earth Team to learn more about the surrounding environment and to be more involved with the community. I enjoy playing Minecraft with friends and go hiking when possible

Ashley Seto
Hi! My name is Ashley Seto and I'm currently a senior. I joined Earth Team to learn how to protect the environment and to spread awareness to those around me. I really love animals, listening to all types of music, and playing games with friends :))

Shreya Naiker
Hey my name is Shreya and I am a first timer at Earth team and I am very excited to learn about global/climate change as well as environmental justice.I was also looking very forward to the hands on part of this program ,where we would go outside to different places and clean up!

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