Meet Naomi, our new Americorps Fellow this year with Climate Corps

My name is Naomi Lichtenstein and I am this year’s AmeriCorps Climate Corps Fellow with Earth Team. Continue reading to hear a little bit about my journey thus far!

My friends and I exploring the San Francisco Lands End Trail right after arriving from Maryland!

Have you ever driven cross country in your small baby blue Prius with everything you own, your best friend, and little to no money in your bank account? No? Well, personally I highly recommend it if it means working surrounded by nature and engaging with young climate activists. After my first month working at Earth Team through AmeriCorps Climate Corps I can confidently say I made the right decision. Not only have I been able to actually use my degree in environmental science and policy and develop upon existing skills, I have also been able to get to know local communities and only further my commitment to climate education and overall environmental activism. I never thought that I could feel this reinvigorated and inspired all over again after graduating college, a space where I was constantly challenged and pursuing new avenues. This past month, I have undergone trainings and learned how to use software I never thought I would understand (slowly getting there), I also taught an entire class (BY MYSELF) on climate change and greenhouse gases, something I have never done before. Previously having been terrified of high school students, especially since I remember how I was as a teenager, I have actually been able to find my footing and feel welcomed in the spaces I have been invited to join. In many ways, I am challenged and engaged every day in the work I have been doing. Working in education is no small job and I applaud those who continue to teach every day, although difficult, it truly feels like the most rewarding thing one could do. I didn’t think I would ever see the day when students were excited to pick up trash on their campus, working together to use the marine debris tracker, laughing as they tried to guess what trash was what. I cannot wait to see what the rest of my fellowship has to offer and I am anxiously waiting to start teaching my own class.

One of my first sunsets in California since moving here!

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