Meet our 2021-2022 San Lorenzo Interns

Earth Team San Lorenzo is beginning to get into the swing of things once more! This year will look a bit different than last year! The meetings for the interns will be a hybrid of both virtual and in person. During the weekdays, students will be meeting online via zoom. Interns will be meeting in-person during our monthly weekend events. This past November, the sustainable youth internship began to test the water quality at their local lake nearby in Castro Valley! In addition, the interns learned about the climate crisis, watersheds in their area, and plants that are native to California!

Read the interns’ biography down below to meet each one!

Hi! My name is Maggie Li and I am a junior at San Lorenzo High School! I like to read and play games in my free time. My hobbies are reading, eating, cooking, texting, and hanging out with my friends! I chose to be an earth team intern because I wanted to help the community. I hope to learn more about the environment and how to save the Earth.

Hey! My name is Roselyn Chand and I am a senior at San Lorenzo High School. My hobbies include listening to music, shopping, and being outdoors. I chose to be an Earth team intern because I have a strong connection towards being out in nature and helping. I find myself the happiest when I am outdoors, so why no be outdoors while making the world a better little by little at the same time!

Hi my name is Caleb and I am a sophomore at San Lorenzo High School. My hobbies are playing outside, watching movies, and cooking different types of food! I also enjoy dancing as well! I chose to be an Earth team intern because I want to learn more about plants, water, and how to take care of our planet. An interesting thing about myself is that I have 3 guinea pigs!

Photographs of interns coming soon!

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