Meet our 2021-2022 Skyline Interns

Earth Team is back running in person program at Skyline Highschool. This month the Sustainable Youth Internship program had started learning about the climate crisis, watersheds in the bay area, and the had conducted water quality testing at Diamond Park in Oakland.

Read Interns Bio to learn more about Skyline interns this year!

  • Hey my name is Kikidaope Adelabu, a senior at Skyline high school.I enjoy reading, watching movies and being outdoors. I joined Earth team to learn more about the environment and do my part in helping the earth.

  • Hi! I’m Olivia Hopkins, a junior at Skyline High School. I joined Earth Team because I wanted to learn more about environmental justice and make a difference in my community. I love being outdoors and doing activities like hiking and camping. I also love to run, and I am on the Skyline Debate Team. I also have a fascination with mushrooms and am looking forward to learning more about them!
  • My name is Jake Runge and I am a junior at Skyline High school. I wrestle and am the leader of Scout Troop 305. I enjoy being outside and going camping whenever I can. I joined Earth Team for the opportunity to help the environment around me. I hope to get more experience outdoors and learn about how the environment works. During our time so far I’ve developed an interest in mushrooms and I’m looking forward to learning more about them.

  • Hi, my name is Hector Cueva, I’m a senior at Skyline High School in Oakland, CA. Growing up I was always involved in sports or some other kind of activity. My local park was always readily available and I spent most of my days there. I play many sports, from basketball to soccer, football, baseball, and more. I love being in the open air and just having the freedom to explore the environment around me, which is why I joined the earth team. I am interested in environmental science and seeking ways in which we can protect our planet.

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