Meet our new 2021-22 campus coordinators!

My name is Healey and I graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Environmental Studies with a minor in Sustainable Energy. In my journey, I became very invested and interested in the environment through a program in my old high school. The program was called Week Without Walls, and from there was able to join a group for backpacking. Since then, I have always the environment and wanted to keep the natural beauty of the world the same. During my last year at San Jose State University, I was an intern for the California Native Garden Foundation to help support learning and acitivites for children under the ages of 10. I was also an intern for San Jose State University’s Center for Developmental Recycling where I assisted and expedited residents of Santa Clara County’s household waste to dispose of it correctly. From these two experiences, it spurred my love to educate as well as research ways to use our energy more efficiently. 
My love for sustainability leads me to make changes in my daily life as well as educating others the importance of implementing sustainable practices to limit our own carbon footprint on the Earth. Happy to be a part of Earthteam to not only work with aspiring young environmental leaders, but as well as cultivating the next generation.

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