Meet Skyline High’s Earth Team

Introducing the Skyline High School Earth Team for the 2020-2021 school year!

We’re proud to introduce the interns from our team at Skyline High School! Check out their bios to see what they’re passionate about!

Alexander Maldonado

Hi, my name is Alexander. Alex for short. I joined the Earth team because I wanted to learn more about the environment around me. I enjoy playing video games and going on hikes to look at the wild life.

David Conners

My name is David. I joined earth team because I’m an environmental activist and I love environmental science. I skate and play games for the most part I’m pretty boring.

Irma Mendoza

I’m in tenth grade and it’s my second year on Earth Team. I joined because I wanted to learn more about environmental issues and how to help. I want to work in the medical field but I’m still very passionate about environmental sciences.

Lena Anderson

Hi, my name is Lena and I’m a junior at Skyline. I joined Earth Team because I’m passionate about environmental science and wanted to get some hands-on experience. Outside of school, I’m a goalie on an ice hockey team and spend a lot of time painting.

Makayla Connelly

I’m a senior at Skyline High school. I joined Earth Team because I’ve been interested in a scientific career my whole life (entomology), and this internship gives me an opportunity to experience what that will be like. It’s helped me gain more connections to people, from classmates to scientists, and what I learn with Earth Team also connects to my studies in my classes. Most importantly, it helped reinforce my knowledge of the importance of environmental stewardship and conscientiousness, something that’s important to remember when combating climate change. Besides science and Earth Team, I am an artist who loves creating characters and storylines!

Nicholas Coronel

I’m a junior at Skyline High School and this is my first year as an Intern at Earth Team. I am excited to be able to have this opportunity to make a difference in my environment and inspire people to work together on a problem that affects all of us. I like spending time outdoors and skating.

Reminie Chaidez

I’m a sophomore at Skyline High and I joined earth with an emphasis on fighting climate change and learning more about environmental justice, and a fact about me is I enjoy drawing and skating during my free time.

Saryn Schwartz

Hi, my name is Saryn. I’m a senior at Skyline High School and I joined the earth team because I’m super interested in environmental science and glaciers. I also feel obligated to uphold the promise I made to the Lorax in 3rd grade.

Yerania Ortiz

My name is Yera and I joined the earth team because I wanted to be apart of making a difference in our community. In where I could learn and interact more with nature itself.

Bios and pictures for our other interns, Agustin Turienzo, Francesca Tom, and Jayla Mitchell coming soon!

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