Meet the 2021-2022 Interns at Antioch High School

Earth Team is back this year with another exciting program at Antioch High school. Sustainable Youth Internship program at Antioch have started learning about the climate crisis, watersheds in the bay area and are going out into the field to preform water quality testing in the San Joaquin River. More exciting things to come as interns as interns learn more about the natural environmental.

Read interns bio to get to know more about the Antioch Earth Team!

Hello! My name is Cindy Alvarenga, I am currently attending Antioch Highschool at the age of 15. The reason I entered this internship is due to wanting to contribute on a bigger scale inside of my community!

My name is Dylan Florean, I am a sophomore at Antioch high school, I am 15 years old. I joined  EarthTeam because I like  learning about the environment and ways to help protect it.

Hi my name is Deacon Stevenson and I like playing video games and creating videos for my YouTube channel. I joined EarthTeam because I was hoping to try to help the earth in some way.

Hello my name is Erika Barron, I am a junior at Antioch High School. This is my third year as an EarthTeam intern and I enjoy it because I get to help and learn things about the environment in my community and also about myself. Some of my hobbies include listening to music, art, and being outside!

Hi, my name is Luna Velazquez. I am a junior at Antioch High School. I enjoy reading, drawing, and watching shows and movies! As an Earth Team member, I hope to better the environment in my town, spread awareness to environmental issues like global warming, and gain experience within the STEM field!

Hi, I’m Aeowynne Magtoto! I’m a freshman at Antioch High. I love music, minions, and helping others out! I hope to learn more about issues in our environment and ways to prevent them. I want to contribute to my community and Earth Team is a great internship to do so!

My name is Jonathan Rospigliosi , I am a sophomore at Antioch high school Age 16, i joined earth team because I like protecting the environment and learn about Global warming

Photographs of interns coming soon

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