Meet the 2021-22 Interns at Richmond High School

Meet the newest cohort of interns at Richmond High School this year!

Earth Team is back in full swing with an in-person program at Richmond High School. Interns at RHS have been learning about the fundamentals of the climate crisis and are planning a community project to spread awareness about the importance of community health and environmental protection.

We’re excited to introduce you to the inspiring individuals that make up Earth Team Richmond this school year!

Andy Arguello Arauz
My name is Andy Arguello Arauz. I am a 10th grader, I am in Earth Team, and I am quite passionate about music. I play the saxophone and I love it very much. I am also in marching band and I am having a particularly wonderful time this year.

Anna Embarcadero Arroyo
Hi my name is Anna Embarcadero Arroyo. I am a senior at Richmond High. I joined Earth Team because with everything going on today affecting our Earth, I wanted to become someone who could make a change. This year I hope to make new friends, make a difference and educate others on environmental matters. I like to read, play the flute and take care of my pet cat Luna.

Brenda Navarrete

Estefanny Sotelo
My name is Estefanny. Im a senior and currently 17 years old. I like to listen to music of any genre, favorite artist is Tomorrow X Together. I joined Earth Team because I had so much fun during my sophomore year and wanted to experience and learn more before I graduate.

Fatima Ramos
I’m Fatima Ramos and I am in the 11th grade and my interests are reading and history. I joined Earth Team because I want to help our environment become a safer place for us to live in.

Itzel Garcia 
My name is Itzel Garcia and I am a high school senior. I joined Earth Team because I am aware of the environmental problems happening and want to create a safe and healthy environment for the community and animals. I hope to learn more about the natural environment, work with others, and to change the world. Something unique about me is my personality, I like to bring positivity to a group and always have good experiences.

Jocelyn Prado
Hi, my name is Jocelyn Prado, I’m 16 and a junior.  Some of my hobbies include reading, doing puzzles and watching Netflix. I joined Earth Team because I wanted to understand what’s going on with the environment and how to help it. And something unique about me is that I can solve a rubiks cube and I’m double jointed.

Jossely Guillen
Hello my name is Jossely Guillen and I’m a current student from Richmond  high school. I will be graduating on June 9, 2023. Why I joined Earth Team is because I wanted to try a new hobby. Something that I want to accomplish from Earth Team is to know more about nature. Something unique about me is that I own an online business at the age of 14. I’m also the oldest sibling out of three.

Myleyby Mora
Hi my name is Myleyby Mora! As an Earth Team intern I hope to accomplish a lot in our community and bring many positive changes. Some fun facts about me are: I have a duck named cheeto, I like to write and I’m a photographer.

Sheilayjah Sharper
Hi, my name is Sheilayjah Sharper. I am an 11th grader that attends Richmond High school. I joined Earth Team to be productive, to help my environment and educate myself. I also love to clean, read and spend time with my friends.

Yanely Tamayo
My name is Yanely, I am a junior at Richmond High School. Some of my hobbies include hiking, journaling, and coding. This year, I hope to help our environment and expand my environmental science knowledge!

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