Meet the 2022-2023 Interns at Independence High School

Earth Team is back this year with another exciting program at Independence High school, our first year with interns at this awesome school! The Sustainable Youth Internship program at Antioch have started learning about the climate crisis, watersheds in the bay area and will be performing experiments and water quality tests in the coming months. More exciting things to come as interns as interns learn more about the natural environment.

Read interns bio to get to know more about the Independence Earth Team!

Hello! My name is Grace I am a sophomore at Independence high school. I love going to the beach, taking walks, and breathing fresh air! I joined EarthTeam so I could help to make a difference! It is my first year at EarthTeam and I am loving it!!! 

Hi my name is Sasha Boitano! I am a junior at independence high school and this is my first year doing Earth Team. I am excited to learn more about the environment and how to prevent certain climate change related issues. Some of my hobbies consist of cooking and doing arts and crafts.

Hello my name is Heather Beddingfield, and I’m currently a sophomore at Independence High School. This is my first year as an EarthTeam intern, and I enjoy it since it allows me to interact with my environment and community. I love music, movies/shows, baking, and hanging out with friends. I hope from this experience as an intern I can gain more knowledge about the community and earth, as well as learn to help and protect it. 

Hi! My name is Hannah Beddingfield. I’m 15 years old and I’m currently a sophomore at Independence high school. I chose to become a Earth Team intern since I wanted to expand my knowledge of the environment and climate changes. I’m looking forward to contributing to the community and being more self aware of the issues our environment faces.  

Hey, my name is Justin Dauer, I’m a senior at Independence High. I enjoy talking to my friends and learning about the area around me. I joined Earth Team because I wanted to explore options in environmental science, and I thought this would be a good program for that. 

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