Meet the 2023-2024 Berkeley High School Interns

We are excited to introduce the 2023-2024 Berkeley High School Interns!

I am Zemzem Abdu-Mohammed, a high school student from the Horn of Africa’s Eritrea. I’m happy to have joined the Earth Team because I enjoy being outside and learning new things. It seems like a great way to help the environment and have fun at the same time. I also want to help the earth and educate myself so that I may eventually be useful, which is what I aim to be. My hobbies include consuming food, which is one of my favorite things to do, reading, going outdoors, and, lastly, watching movies or television series on Netflix.

Hello, my name is Najuna and I’m a sophomore at Berkeley High School! I joined Earth Team because I wanted to be a part of a program that would positively benefit my community. I hope to learn more about the environment and our impact on it. I’m excited to do all the field work in this project, because I get to be outdoors, while helping reduce my carbon footprint. 

Hello my name is Pharaoh Fleischman. I joined EarthTeam to meet and work with other people my age that care about the future of our ecosystem. I excited to be part of this project.

Hi my name is Calvin. I’m a junior at Berkeley high school. In my free time I like to go camping, and playing cards. I enjoy distance running and I run for cross country and track team. I applied to earth team so I could get paid to go outside and help the earth.

Hi! My name is Ilana and I am a junior at Berkeley High. I joined earthteam because I want to help the environment and I love being outdoors. I am excited to help beautify the nature in my local area for everyone to enjoy. 

Hi, my name is Eva Levenson and I’m a sophomore at Berkeley High. I joined Earth Team to find others interested in learning about sustainability. I hope to make a positive impact on our local community through this internship. I’m excited to learn more about environmental policy and how we can impact the climate around us. 

My name is Anja, and I’m a junior at Berkeley High. I wanted to join Earth Team to be able to get outdoors more and build skills that I can use in the future. I’m excited to get involved with a project that will actually make a difference in my community!

Hi my name is Steven. I am currently a 10th grader at Berkeley high, and on the robotics and wrestling team. I joined Earth Team to help the environment, and to go backpacking and camping, while also getting paid, which is pretty cool.

Hello! My name is Babirye Kiggundu. I am a 9th grader and I joined Earth Team because it created a great opportunity for me to be outdoors and to be around people who share the same environmental interests as me. 

Hi! My name is Anna Swedlow. I applied to Earth Team hoping to educate myself and get the ability to educate others on climate issues. I’m looking forward to making a visible change in communities trash removal and documentation!

My Name Is Kato. I am a ninth grader at Berkeley High School. I applied to Earth team because I wanted  to make a difference in my local environment.

My name is Hani Khayatei. I enjoy being productive and experiencing the outdoors. Earth Team is a great way to combine these two while making friends and learning to save the environment.

My name is Sylvie and I applied to Earth Team because I’m interested in learning more about the environment and how we can mitigate our effects on the planet. I’m also hoping that this internship will help me meet new people and explore a possible career in public health.

My name is James Roberson-Goldstein and i’m a 9th grader and Berkeley High School. I joined Earth Team because I spend lots of time in nature and wanted to find a way to make an impact in my community. I’m excited about meeting new likeminded people and gaining new skills and experiences in nature.

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