Meet the 2023-2024 Richmond High School Interns

Come read more about this year’s 16 interns at Richmond High School and everything they have planned!

Hey, my name is Enrique Carreno Castro. I’m a Junior and I joined Earth Team to try new and fun experiences, you also get paid which is great. Some hobbies I like to do is go to the gym, hikes, and stargazing. I’m also a really chill and open minded person.
Hi! My name is Amina Carradine. I am a junior intern at Earth Team. I enjoy listening to music and playing soccer. The reason I joined Earth team is because I want a new experience where I can make an impact on my community.

Hi my name is Allisson. I’m a sophomore and I really love plushies, it’s just so fun to collect them. I love my pet bird 🦜!! I like K-pop Tomorrow x together. The reason I joined earth team is because I love planting trees from last year and it was really fun talking to the people.

My name is Eleni but I go by Ely, I’m in the 12th grade. I joined Earth team to help out the community as well as be more involved outdoors. Some of my hobbies include reading and shopping.

Hello, my name is Jeffrey Zarceno. I am in 11th grade, a junior in high school. Some of my hobbies include fishing, gardening, and playing video games. I joined Earth Team for the experience and to also make an impact in our community. My dream career would be anything in the engineering path, but most likely aerospace engineering.
Hi I’m Leila and I joined the Earth Team to develop new skills and be apart of a group doing something fun. I enjoy dancing, being outside, fashion, spending time with loved ones, and being a part of something for the community. I’m excited to be with the team and look forward to learning. :)
Hi, my name is Jeremiah and I am currently a senior at Richmond High. Some of my hobbies include hiking, drawing, and running basically anything that includes being outdoors besides drawing and playing video games. The reason I decided to join Earth Team is to make connections and make change within my community while also having fun.
Hi. My name is Justin Tieng Vilaysouk. I am a proud Senior at Richmond High School in the Law Academy and I live in the small neighboring city of San Pablo next to Richmond. I joined Earth Team because a friend from Earth Team recommended it for me. I tried it out and absolutely enjoyed this educational and helpful experience. I decided to continue to Earth for the outdoor and green activities. I appreciate the work we do in Earth Team in bettering our community’s environment and making a positive impact to nature and cleaning our polluted planet. My hobbies are working, applying to colleges, scholarships, while listening to YouTube. :)
Hi my name is Emanuel Mejia and I am a Junior, here at Richmond High School. A few things about me is I am very tall, I am also a very friendly guy despite my appearance. Some of my hobbies include playing video games, going outside, and eating. I joined earth team to learn new things, help my community, and try and make a greener earth.
Hello <3! My name is Alexa Vidaurre, I am a Junior at Richmond High School. My hobbies revolve around Science and anything kinetic. I like food, pigs, and the color pink. I joined earth team this year to help establish myself in a leadership role, and to have a good time :).
Hiii! My name is Cesia Mejia. I’m a Junior intern. My favorite hobby is to read. I love music but I don’t have a favorite genre. I always like trying new things but I barely do it so I thought that this was going to be a great opportunity to start doing something new. Also, I will get to learn new things about our environment and also be able to help my community. I’m looking forward to have great experiences, to meet new people and to grow as a person. Finally, I think that this will help me to develop my social skills and my language skills.

My name is Rocio Calderon. I am a student at Richmond High who loves plants. I hope to help my community look prettier and cleaner because it’s a mess out here. I hope to gain experiences and connect more with those in my community.

I’m Jordan and I joined the earth team to develop new skills in the environment department. I enjoy being outside, reading books, playing video games, and math. I’m excited for the events and the food.
If you know don’t know me, I’m Naomi
I live in Richmond City, California, and I’m an eleventh grader here at Richmond High School. A few things I enjoy doing are drawing, reading, writing, watching YouTube, Tiktok, you know the whole shabang. I joined the Earth Team because I want to go out more, and explore new things. I want to step away from social media for a bit and interact with people and the environment. One of the main reasons I joined was because I want to make a difference and it kind of irks me to see people go on about their days and ignore the amount of trash just splattered on the ground, pretend like climate change doesn’t exist, too focused on their phones and drama, instead of focusing on pollution and air quality, not to mention wildfires, diseases, and so much more!

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