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Meet the 2023-2024 Skyline High School Interns

My name is Amina Snodey. I applied to Earth Team because I care about the planet and i wanted to have a extracurricular activity where i could go outside and interact with people who care about the same stuff I do. I would love to find some way to help climate change and helping forests become less of a fire hazard.

My name is Andrea Alvina Luna Rivera. I am most excited for our Saturday meetings. I am also excited to learn about invasive and non-invasive plants. This year I want to reduce the amount of invasive plants in the bay area and help the pollinator population by planting plants.

My name is Danae Zarbalis. I applied for earth team to pursue my passion for the environment in a tangible way, learning about environmental science and sustainability while also being able to do work that actively helps alleviate these issues is vital. Knowing that every meeting i learn something new and do something important is an unmatched feeling. being able to collaborate with others whilst also spending time outside makes Earth Team so unique.

My name is Diana Dubon. I applied for earth team because it is an experience that would help me see parts of my every day lives that we avoid and nature is one of the most important parts of life and I would love to experience it with people as well as knowing some threats to our beautiful planet. I am looking forward to help out with my team with the restoration projects to help our environment.

My name is Elena Wenzler. I joined Earth Team to learn more about what we can do to help climate change and global warming. I am excited to meet and befriend more people.

My name is Fern Kearney. This year, I am excited to have experiences in nature and interactions with other interns. It makes me really happy to get to know people and have fun in nature. I enjoy habitat restoration, such as invasive species removal and native species planting.

My name is Genevieve Achee. I applied to earth team because I have always loved animals and nature and wanted to make a difference in my community for local animals and ecosystems. I would like to support local ecosystems and wildlife, also find ways to help local polluted waterways, and help clean up trash in Oakland or in heavily effected areas.

My name is Lily Fox. I applied for earth team because I have always been interested in and cared about the environment. I also want to study environmental science in college so I hope earth team will allow me to experience what I will be doing in the future. I’m excited to go on hikes and spend a lot of time outside. As well as learn about important environmental topics, issues, and the solutions to those problems.

My name is Michael Butler. I’m most excited this year to possibly find out what I want to do after high school. I’d like to work on beach cleanups; a lot of my local beaches are heavily polluted and it sucks to see.

My name is Michael Butler. I applied to earth team to experience the outdoors even more and get to learn about the earth and how it’s been affected by human actions. I would like to help in figuring out ways to remove as much of the existing pollutants and way to more easily get rid of waste and make more clean energy and drinking water.

My name is Oliver Hopkins. I applied for earth team because it sounded like a very interesting program and somebody else recommended it to me. I am interested in environmental science, specifically natural biology and mycology. This year I hope to determine if a career in environmental science would be a good fit for me.

My name is Sasha Roberts. I’m interested in how climate change is affecting people who are economically disadvantaged and/or have the most vulnerability to the climate crisis. Through studying public health in college, I hope to simultaneously help those vulnerable to the climate crisis and help the earth itself.

My name is Vivian Metting van Rijn. I want to major in environmental sciences in college and I think this program will give me a lot of good experience. I also just like to spend time outside and learn about the environment in the area I’m from. I would like to help our native species thrive in the Bay Area. I also would really like to help clean all of the trash in Oakland, whether it’s on the streets or in our waterways.

My name is Samuel Gumas. I want to help solve problems like air pollution in local areas stemming from freeways. I also want to work directly with my community to improve environmental quality of life.

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