Meet the Antioch Earth Team Interns!

Meet the 2018-19 Antioch High School team members


Abigail Gamble – My name is Abby. I joined Earth Team last year because I love nature and I wanted to protect our environment. I enjoyed it so much last year that I joined again! This year I’m excited to continue our projects, go into nature, and go on the camping trips. Fun Fact: I love art and swimming.


Antonio Melhado – Hi my name is Antonio. I’m a senior at Antioch High School. This is my first year as an Earth Team intern. Some of the reasons I joined are because I want to work with my hands and I enjoy outside activities. Also, I wanted to be in a club with my brother. I’m excited to be here because I’m interested in collecting data, going on the outdoor trips, and helping the environment. I love being outdoors and playing with animals.


Delaney DeMarco – My name is Delaney, I’m a second year Earth Team intern. I joined Earth Team because I like to help out my community. I really like helping out with Earth Team because I find the work interesting. Fun Fact: My birthday is on October 16.


Evelyn Ninahuanca – Hi my name is Evelyn and I’m 14 years old in 10th grade. I joined Earth Team because it seemed interesting to me. Some skills I’m good at include helping others.


Justin Fernandez – Hi my name is Justin. I’m a sophomore at Antioch High School. I’m a first year Earth Team intern. I am a kind person who likes the environment and likes to help in any way I can. I’m a family man with a good attitude. I like to get the job done and done right. Nature is my calling.


Marco Dominguez – I’m a senior at Antioch High. I really enjoy music. I’ve been playing guitar for one year and a half. I decided to rejoin Earth Team because it is a really great experience.


Michael Chatham – Hi, my name is Michael, I’m a Junior. It is my second year as an intern and I am excited for the extended trips that we will be taking this year. I joined this year to help with the environment around me.


Natalie Sandoval – Hi my name is Natalie, I’m 15 years old in 10th grade. What I’m most excited about joining Earth Team is learning new things about the environment and doing many activities.


Natalyia Johnson – Hi my name is Natalyia. This is my second year in Earth Team. I re-joined because Earth Team gives out many opportunities such as making new friends. Fun Fact: I have naturally red hair.


Russell Reed – My name is Russell and I am a senior at Antioch High School. I was a part of Earth Team before as a sophomore. A lot of people I knew were a part of the internship and I absolutely loved it. I enjoy music, computers, and motor-sports. Fun Fact: I am part of a pit crew!


Sabrina Lozano – Hi, I’m Sabrina! This is my first year of being an Earth Team intern. I’m a senior at Antioch High School. I joined Earth Team because I want to help the environment and I want to meet new people. Fun Fact: I want to become a geologist.


Sage Bennett – Hi, my name is Sage and I am a senior at Antioch High School. This is my second year in Earth Team and what I enjoy most about being an intern is connecting with nature and then using that driving force to advocate for environmental awareness. Besides Earth Team I also love musical theater (singing and acting) and I love to be involved. I’m involved in CSF, Interact, Musical Theater, Choir, Colorguard, and even Youtube…when I’m not eating food. We only have one home, so we should safeguard it. I’m extremely excited for opportunities to enlist my passions that will lead me on the path to eventually turn my dreams into realities.


Samantha Baniega – My name’s Samantha and I’m a returning intern from Earth Team 17-18. I joined Earth Team initially to gain work experience and work in the environment to do restoration work, but as I continued to do work with the internship I discovered an even greater love and respect for my environment. I’m excited to venture outdoors and do our best to preserve the world and keep it healthy. Fun Fact: I love traveling and going to concerts with my sister. I also enjoy playing my ukulele and jamming out.


Santino Melhado – Earth Teams seems like a good new learning experience. What I hope to get out of this internship is to meet new people, learn new skills, and just have an overall good experience. I consider myself an all around helpful guy.

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