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Meet The San Lorenzo HS Earth Team!

Please welcome our new 2023-2024 San Lorenzo Earth Team interns!

My name is Angelina Acosta. I applied to earth team to expand my experience and work more with nature. I am most excited to learn more and go on many adventures. I would love to experience the amazing things natures gives that I wasnt able to before.

Hi my name is Vanessa and I applied to earth team because I’m very interested in learning about the earth. I’m really happy to pass my classes and for summer. I want to learn about climate change and how to encourage everyone to stop littering. I also hope we get a chance to work together to clean up beaches and parks. 

 Hey there! I’m Samantha Claudine Z. Dizon, I’m a junior from San Lorenzo High School. I applied to Earth Team because I have always been interested in the environment with why such disasters happen, how can we possibly restore nature, and learn how to pass this information down to next generations. I’ve been in a dangerous environmental situation myself, so I would take this chance to do something about it and not only being vocal in social media, because it feels only performative. I would like to help with the flooding situation. It is prevalent now because here in California, little rain can mean so much for low-lying and easily flooded areas. I walk home from school so I know how annoying and scary it can feel to see the damage in nature.

Hi my name is Gabrielle Chen. More recently in my highschool career have I been interested in learning more people the environment and sustainability. Seeing this internship opportunity shown to me by my college advisor, I immediately took it and interviewed for it; thus getting into this internship. Some environmental topics that I’d like to help to research would be the impact humans have on the oceans and potential solutions for it.

Hi! My name is Karla and the reason I applied to the earth team is to make more friends and learn about the environment and have fun. What I am excited for this school year is to graduate! About me I love to play volleyball and I am always outside.

Hi! My name is E’naijsha and I applied to earth team to gain social skills and the opportunity to learn about my environment. I also want to know what it’s like to work towards helping others and with others. This also includes a sense of responsibility and I hope to also find a way to open up during this experience. I would love to help solve the issue of littering and anything that can also help lend animals a healthier environment to also live in including people too 

Hi! My name is Xiomara and I applied for earth team because I want to improve more skills and get to know more about this internship program and learn more about more experienced people  .

I am most excited for this school year because I’m about to graduate and because I’m about to look forward in my future career goals. And get to have that knowledge in school that I had from now and all I studied to focus more on my school and college goals for the future. 

I would like to solve more environmental topics like helping elderly people and traveling gaining experience from my first internship

I’m a happy senior, waiting to graduate and excited for college and obtaining careers that I want to pursue and excited for prom  . 

During my free times I like to walk with my dog and do groceries for my neighbors and get a little tip for living , I like swimming walking eating and also hearing music and also try to be that positive person every time and keep peace harmony with the world and people that surround me . 

Hi my name is Yanire,

This school year I am most excited to graduate and see where life takes me outside of high school. I am currently trying to learn more about different things to see what interest me the most. This is one of the reasons why I joined EarthTeam. I want to explore my interest of the environment and be able to experience things first hand. 

 HI! My name is Mariana and I joined the earth team to gain more experience and maybe some friends along the way Brighten up my perspective. I’m most excited to learn new things and create more bigger goals for myself I would like to know more about how to not pollute the air and to take care better if the environment. I am 16 years old I have a dog named Luigi I have one sister who’s 7 my goal long term is to work in the medical field or psychology.i like to go out with my friends I’m good at cooking and I’d like to be better in school 

Hi my name is Brielle and the reason why I joined the Earth team was that I wanted to improve my social skills meet new people and get out of my fear of socializing I also wanted to gain experiences I’m looking forward to this year is making new friends and also making new memories with them and also experiences outside activities with the people in my team 

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Hi! My name is Sesi and I joined the earth team to gain more experience and learn more about our environment. I’m excited for all the upcoming adventures this internship has to offer. I’m very passionate about making our environment more safe and clean meaning taking care of Mother Nature. One of my academic goals is to end this semester with good grades and prepare myself for the next school year. A personal goal I have for myself is to work on my time management and procrastination. And lastly a goal I have for this program is to educate myself more on things about our environment and how I can help to keep it a positive environment.

Quotes coming soon…

Quotes coming soon…

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