Meet the San Lorenzo Team!

Presenting the 2020-2021 Earth Team from San Lorenzo High!

We’re proud to introduce the interns from our team at San Lorenzo High School! Check out their bios to see what they’re passionate about!

Aileen Mejia

Hi, my name is Aileen! I joined Earth Team to continue to learn about about environmental sustainability and to inspire my friends and family to become accountable for our actions and the effect it is having on our community and planet.

Alfonso Mejia

Hi, I’m Alfonso! I wanted to join the Earth Team because I like keeping the environment safe and our community clean.

Angelo Santos

Hello, my name is Angelo Santos. I joined the Earth Team because I wanted to find new ways to learn and at the same time take care of the environment. I like to have fun while knowing that I am doing something good! I like to play soccer and my favorite food is La Baleada.

Chrystal Dael

Hi! My name is Chrystal. I joined Earth Team because this is an opportunity for me to educate myself and help make a change for the better. Joining Earth Team is also a way for me to get out of my comfort zone to meet and work with people that share the same interests as mine. I also love anime.

Eduardo Castro

Hi i’m Eduardo but i also go by Eddie. I’m enjoy playing video games, talking to friends, and watching tv. This is my third year in earth and i’m ecstatic to be in the group for final year.

Jose Gamez

My name is Jose and I joined Earth Team because why not????? I enjoy being alive and happy and look forward to this year.

Keahly Johnson

Hi, my name is Keahly Johnson. I joined Earth Team because I wanted to learn more ways I could help the earth. I like the performing arts and I’ve been in 9 musicals.

Natasha Schneider

Hi I’m Natasha! I believe that being happy requires you being sad at times, DON’T let people tell you that u shouldn’t be sad.

Bios and pictures from the test of the team coming soon!

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