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Meet The San Lorenzo Unified Earth Team Interns 2022-2023!

Introducing the 2022-2023 San Lorenzo Unified Earth Team Interns. Learn about all our interns’ interests and why they joined Earth Team! The San Lorenzo Unified Earth Team Interns comprise of both Arroyo and San Lorenzo High School Students.

Annie Xu

Hi, my name is Annie and I applied for Earth Team because I was a part of it last year and enjoyed being able to learn new things and interact with the environment. This year I’m most excited for field meetings and doing hands-on activities. Some environmental topics I would want to lend a helping hand towards are invasive species or just plant diversity in the community.

Ruijia Gu

I’m Ruijia, a junior at Arroyo High School, and I love swimming and being near the water. I work as a lifeguard, and teach kids and adults how to be comfortable in the water. I also enjoy helping my community and the environment, so I joined Earth Team to gain more field experience and make new friends!

Jaylin Smith-Van

My name is Jaylin, I’m an outgoing and enthusiastic person with a positive state of mind. The reason I joined the Earth Team is because I was getting upset at the state of my neighborhood, and the declining health of our Earth as a whole; so after doing some research and asking around I found Earth Team and was really intrigued with what they did. And I really enjoyed the program during my first year, I applied for a second year and I hope that it will turn out as good as the first one did, and I also hope that we can continue to learn about things that can save our Earth, spread that knowledge and work to potentially save it in a few decades.

Rainzel Kilat

Hi, my name is Rainzel and the reasons for my application to the earth team is to do trash cleanup and also to explore what my interests are. There are many things I’m excited about for this school year one i’m very excited for is prom. I’d definitely like to tackle pollution, like litter on the ground and if not solve then at least help reduce climate heating or climate change. 

Jae Vicera

Hiya, I’m Jae; my pronouns are (she/her/theirs), I’m a senior at Arroyo HS, and I have Tourettes. When I went to the introductory meeting at school, I was reeled in because I enjoy environmental and earth sciences a lot. The reason I applied to the internship wasn’t just because of the hours but because I wanted to meet like-minded people, strengthen my friendships, learn to lead, and educate myself and others about the importance of environmental issues. This year, while I am stressed about university and my future life, I’m definitely excited to prepare myself to enter the real world and start my lifelong journey of learning.. On the topic of education, the topics I want to learn how to solve somehow are how to educate people on the importance of climate change and global warming and how to decrease mine and others’ carbon footprints. I’m glad to be part of this experience and am excited to be part of the team.

Diana Hua

Hi! My name is Diana, I’m a junior in high school, and my pronouns are she/her. Something I am excited about this school year is definitely meeting new people and hopefully creating new friendships. I am also looking forward to learning ways I can help my community and learning new things in the process. I also look forward to the opportunities that this internship can bring me and feeling more connected to the earth. I am very excited about this school year and can’t wait to see what this school year has to bring and can’t wait to meet everyone!

Lynnsy Ang

My name is Lynnsy, and I am a junior at Arroyo. I applied for Earth Team because I have always been interested in environmentalism and conservation, and feel like it is a cause I would want to spend my time researching and contributing to. I am most excited about spending time outside, learning more about Earth science, and meeting and working with like minded people. Some environmental topics I would like to solve are both the issue of environmental health (the impacts of climate change/pollution on human health) as well as marine/ocean conservation (the impacts of climate change/pollution on marine life). I really look forward to being a part of Earth Team!

Arianna Carandang

Hi, my name is Arianna and I applied for earth team to gain more experience which will help me figure out what I want to do in life. I like to try various activities. I’m most excited to meet knew people while being productive. I would like to focus on keeping the environment, specifically school campuses, clean.

Kristin Siasat

Heyy guys! My name is Kristin (she/her) and I’m a senior this year. I applied to Earth Team because I thought it would be a great opportunity to help the environment, meet others and work on some skills I struggle with. I would love to spread awareness about pollution, global warming and other environmental issues as well as share solutions that may minimize their impact. For this school year, I am excited to visit places where I will be surrounded by nature with others. In addition to everything, if anyone has music recommendations, send them my way!

Andrew Le

Hi, my name is Andrew Le (he/him) and I joined Earth Team because I feel passionate about the environment and want to make a difference. This year, I’m excited to work with others, get hands-on experience outdoors, and learn more about the world around us! I feel especially passionate about deforestation, alternative energy sources, and climate change!

Wendy Nguyễn

Hi I am Wendy Nguyen and I’m a junior at Arroyo High School. I love to socialized, game, make food, and binge watch a variety of shows. I joined earth team because it was a good opportunity to get myself out their more, give back to the community, and overall learn and do my part for future generations

Issey Hernandez

Hi my name is Issey (pronounced E-say) and i’m a senior at San Lorenzo High School. I love listening to music and reading comics. I joined Earth Team to help tackle the issue of climate change and global warming to try and save our planet.

Heidi Hsu

My name is Heidi and I joined EarthTeam because I saw it as an amazing opportunity to go out, help my community and the world while getting paid for it at the same time. 

Keahly Johnson

Hello! my name is Keahly. My favorite thing ever is music and collecting records but I also love any type of art. I have continued to be a part Earth Team because all the people in earth team are so wonderful and it’s a big privilege to be able to help others and our world. Most of all though, I love love love nature and earth team allows me to enjoy the beauties of it as well as keeping it healthy and alive.

Jazmin Quintero

My name is Jazmin and I am a junior at Arroyo HS, born and raised in the Bay Area and I joined earth team because the future of the planet really scares me and I wanted to do something about it. I found out about earth team in the career center of my school and I was instantly intrigued when I heard there would be gardening and local clean ups. I grew up gardening at home so I have a great love for plants. I have heard from past interns that they loved it and would do It again which is why I decided to apply.

Karlos Taluban

Hi, my name is Karlos and I applied for Earth Team because I want to not only learn about the environment, but also take action in saving it. I am passionate about clean energy, and want not just renewable energy, but also nuclear energy. Pressuring lawmakers to make another nuclear plant would be a big victory for not just environmentalists, but also the entirety of California, as they would have a steady, clean and reliable source of energy all year around for many decades.

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