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Monitoring Water Quality at the Upper Sand Creek Basin

This Fall, Earth Team interns at Antioch High School have been monitoring water quality at the Upper Sand Creek Basin. Water that enters the basin comes from two locations: Sand Creek and local storm drain systems.

The Upper Sand Creek Basin was a project created by the Contra Costa Flood Control District to restore natural habitats along Sand Creek and to retain floodwaters during extreme rainstorms to prevent flooding in the communities of Antioch, Brentwood, and Oakley. Earth Team interns have completed water quality testing at both inlets as well as the single outlet of the basin. They have shown so much enthusiasm and dedication for this project that interns did not seem to mind being at the basin on a rainy Saturday morning to complete data collection for the Fall semester! Interns frequently confess that collecting water quality data is among one of their favorite activities to do in the field. It’s great to see interns putting their STEM skills to the test. We’re all looking forward to a complete analysis of their results later on this year.


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