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Native Plants and Ollas at the Jingletown Native Plant Garden

In partnership with Friends of Sausal Creek, Skyline students spent the afternoon working at the Jingletown Native Plant Garden.


The site, which FOSC maintains, is located along a wall of beautiful murals in Oakland’s Jingletown neighborhood. A short walk away, Sausal Creek makes its exit, draining into the Oakland Estuary near Fruitvale Bridge Park.

The group of interns started their day at the creek outflow, reflecting on the many different forms that Sausal Creek takes.  They have spent recent months testing water along the creek’s natural channels in Dimond Park and Dimond Canyon, and have now followed its culverted path to the estuary.  After checking out the outflow, the students made their way to the native plant garden.

Once there, they took some time to appreciate the murals and art before starting in on their restoration work.  One group walked the length of the garden several times collecting the various pieces of litter scattered around.  Another group worked with FOSC’s nursery director to install native plants. A third group worked with FOSC’s education director to install ollas, or unglazed ceramic pots used to irrigate plots of land, between native plants.

Students enjoyed gaining a new perspective on the creek they have been working with for so long, and had fun practicing irrigation techniques.

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