Nature Reflections from Richmond

Richmond interns analyze and question their relationship with nature through Nature Journal Assignment

This month, the Richmond team went out into their yards and around their neighborhoods to do some nature journaling. They are able to find a lot of cool plants and ask some great questions about what they found. Along with the nature journal assignment, the team reflected on their own relationship with nature. Here are just a few highlights from the team’s work:

“Nature means calmness, fun, and beauty to me. Personally, when I’m out in nature I feel relaxed and more energetic. Also nature is just beautiful. Plus i love exploring and with nature we can do that :)”


“To me nature means to be able to explore nature, home of animals and plants. I enjoy being in nature because it’s like I get to see another dimension or world different than what I see daily.”

Andrea Martinez

When I think of nature, I think…


Kevin (Nature Journal Pictured Above)



“Closest thing to pure beauty…could be something from everyday to something out of a fairy tale”

Andrea Melendez

“What nature means to me is a way of connecting with nature like having plants or looking at scenarios and just getting away from the world where there is technology”


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